Scholarship Application

Technology has definitely changed over the years. It had become beneficial to society in different ways.
As a college student, there are different types that draw me to technology. For example, I need a laptop to do my homework and research. On the other hand, although I do not own it myself, I find small electronic devices such as I-Pods to I-Pads very helpful. For instance, I am able to download Organic Chemistry and GRE/MCAT’s to practice questions and materials. I take from these technological devices information that is beneficial to my school. They also help me with communication with my family over-seas. I do believe that I am driven by social, academic and technological of technology. Because I use technology to communicate with my family in overseas especially in Syria where we can’t visit them. Using videos and chatting make it alive and easy to talk with them. However, I do believe technology has helped with my education in different ways. It also helped me with communication with society. For example, I do not have texting service on my cell phone. Therefore, on the I-Pod I downloaded viber which allows me to text friends and class mates. This is helpful to students who are unable to afford texting service.