Sincerity and Intention

Fiqh of Sincerity:

باب في اخلاص في نية
“I struggled with nothing as difficult and demanding as my intention” (sayings from one of the righteous people)

What is Intention?
Vessel in which sincerity lies
-a thing intended; an aim or plan.
What is Sincerity?
               –defined in different ways as being ridding oneself expect for Allah swt. الراغب و الاسفاهني
root word come from خلوص اخلصة شيء
–> cleaning one intention. Seeking Allah’s Pleasure
                 Imam Al-Qushari’s said:
“That Sincerity is to make Allah (sws) alone, one motivation and goal. In one’s action, such that when one       seek’s through one’s work to get close to Allah (sws), and not anything else. Such as showing off to people, or  one praising one, or one that liked to be praised or any other meaning besides drawing closer to Allah (sws).Proper to say sincerity is purifying one’s work or a concern for people. we don’t do them for sake of people”

Intention of two types:

  • besides intending Allah (sws), sometimes we have other motivation. But these other motivation, such as we want to please our parents. Is this in sincere? We do something because we want to get a good job…please one’s spouse… are these insincere? Is that displeasing Allah?
    —> NO!
  • An intention that is besides pleasure of Allah (sws):
    1.) Separate from seeking of Allah’s Pleasure:
    -contrary to one sincerity….
    – such as acting to praise one, to show off….etc
    2.) Certain:
    one primary intention is clear. #1 for Allah (sws)
  • example: buying ice-cream to please dad since he is sick and give some to neighbor cause they’re sad…..give each of them is fine, but what happens when we formulate our intention(s)… distraction from Allah…has to be deep down there.
  • intention 1st to please Allah swt, all the other ones become secondary….
  • As Prophet Mohammed (sws) said: “your body has the right over you” time for this and that.
  • verily Allah loves that when you eat something, you thank Allah for it. Then even giving myself a break becomes meaningful.

intention here: Imam Nawai.. ان مااعمال بلنيات
Mentions to an important point. what counts in intention is not simply having just having it but sustaining it of bringing for an intention….احضار النية or maintain an intention…to sustain intention through action . prescence of heart حضوزwhen intention to please Allah to maintains it…

key Quranic verse to relate of chapter: و ما امرو الئ ليعبدو الله مخلصين له الدين الحنافة و يقيم الصلاة و ياتوا الذكاة (Surah Baqrah, the Cow)
–> To submit Allah (swt), serve state of submission….make it sincere (to make their deen)

Sunnah has shown us, can be turned العبادة into act of worship by performing them as Allah swt has commanded and secondly only for sake Allah (swt). Even your eating ice cream…...
for example: you can go buy ice cream to just please yourself, because you are angry or whatever the reason, so you let it out on ice cream. Or, you can go buy the ice-cream and sharing it with your family so that you make them smile and happy, and at same time have a family-union-time. This is a good intention and is pleasing to Allah swt, because you did not just think of yourself, but about others, especially your family, who are closer to you than your friends.

***Our flesh and blood will not reach Allah, but what reaches Him in our taqwaa. [Our Spirtual scarification]. Allah does not need our flesh and slaughtering…but rather is expression of piety they’re in…. Actual reaching does not relate to Allah, but rather expression is used to acceptance. But rather its the motive behind it. ***
Actions and Intentions: الحديث النوبي and will have by what they intended
-whoever who migrated for worldly matter or woman (marriage), then they migrated for this world (Bukhari/Muslim)

*every messenger came with guidance, pure! But the generation after Prophet were subsequent generation failed to preserve the guidance. Corruption started coming in or after. But companions preserved this deen so perfectly.

Actions are by their intention!!!!
0 what action is referring to?
Actions are only by one thing (All Actions)
0 Actions are by intention: to seek pleasure of Allah (swt)
– each action according to intention that went without action with in action itself, there are multiple motives on why we do things.
0 3 parts:

  1.   Firm result
  2. draw closer to Allah by beginning of action resolve
    condition…did you resolve to do it.
  3. reward: intention of action, either before action or at beginning.
    maintaining it is sunnah.
  • Each person should have what they intended.
  • what you get reaction is the thought process you put in. the more intelligent they’re, the more they’re seeking in their action.
  • some people do it because “I’ve to”
  • others do it because they’re seeking something in hereafter cause of hadith, slid

How do you do it for Allah (swt)?
0 For Allah in seeking and His messenger in following to follow prophet the way to presume. for pleasure of Allah. no action is small when you make the intention even little things.
0 No action is small when you make the intention even little things”
0 don’t consider anything of good to be pottery
Right results when having good intention of Allah’s Pleasure

*Actions are like lifeless forms who is soul, whose life is secret of sincerity in them. And  is sincerity  secret? Because it is hidden from people. It’s settle and unknown. People don’t know why you’re doing it. Form is important. It is an obedience to Allah (Swt)

*Hadith (11): رياض الصلاحين
Verily Allah has recorded good and bad, and then explained it. So whoever is determined to do a good deed but does not do it, Allah will record it as they did. But if they actually do it, then count as 10.. This is the  the Mercy of Allah.
0 reward of deed, up to 700x
0 if we draw close to Allah a little, Allah will draw by two handsome, and if we come  walking, Allah will  run

0 Excellence in acting.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

sincerity is seeking Allah through action.

*Basics of sincerity in life is to seek the pleasure of Allah swt… Sincerity into pleasing Allah in life*

The Abraham way:  say, “My prayer & worship, my life & my death for Allah alone, Lord of all worlds”
—> This is what I am commanded, to be haneef, to follow his way.

Why do we seek Allah swt  (God)?
—> because He is closer to us than human jugular vein. Because our need of Allah is more immediate than life blood that pump through us.

  • our creation is not to just worship Allah, but that every moment He is sustaining us.
  • Our need is intrinsic…. we only exist cause Allah is sustaining us.
  • “Oh people, you are in absolute poverty of need of Allah, and He is the absolute Rich”
  • whoever knows themselves know their Lord. (Whoever realizes in absolute need of Allah swt, then they get to know Him)
  • we have to reflect what is our need…(Everything we have is a gift from Allah)

What should motivate us in life?
—> Prophet Mohammed PBH said, “Should I not be a thankful servant?”
—> this world is fleeing, after life is seeing Allah


  •  [Oh Allah, show us the truth as true and grant us the success to follow it, and show us false-hood as false and enable us to leave it]
  • سيدنا علي رضيا الله عنه: اللهم ارنا الاشياء كما هيا [Oh Allah, show us things as they truly are] from Omar (RA)
  • make us people of true insight. And make us of people who see reality as it is so we be hold to Allah. So we seek Allah before we seek anything else.

we all should have goal(s) in life….[sometimes, we need to pause and think what we’re doing.]
we need to turn our heart back to Allah swt before we perform an action.

There are things that keep us separate us from Allah swt like our disobedience to Him….either directly or indirectly.
                           example: ice-cream, ate the whole jug and missed isha, went to sleep, then wake up 5 minutes before fajr just to pray isha

Qu’ran itself is a good reminder.
Messenger used to be in state of remembrance of Allah all state.
Keep your tongue moist in remembrance of Allah swt all the time.



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