What to say before starting something.

Allah looks at how a believer is.
Begins to look at someone’s heart <3: Sincerity & Intention

  •  Sincere
  • Intention
  • Patience
  • Taqawa
  • State of the Heart
  • Reliance of Allah swt.

each of state of heart is like a root good quality [work] from which numerous good deed eliminates.
—> heart inside how you deal with Allah’s creation
—> sound heart: a sound action
—>verily actions are by intention: State of Heart
—>good deed is reward 10 fold, until 70x.

1.) A good deed: it has sound and good (i.e: Sunnah)

2.) Multiplication of reward is by action and thought (When you pray, quality of heart makes it good)

whenever you begin something: 5 things (Sunnah):

  1. In name of Allah: Bisimilliah Al Rahman Al Raheem (In the name of God, The Gracious, The Merciful)
  2. Praise Allah swt: Allah Akbar
  3. send blessings of Prophet SWH (Seeking of blessing) (if one blessing, Alla will send 10x)
  4. At beginning , do what you are talking
  5. Explain why it’s important

Try it, it really doesn’t take much time, only 1-2 minutes maximum. Even if Arabic is not your native language, try to do it, slowly, and inshaAllah it will become a habit, as counting 1-2-3. Let’s all inshaAllah work on it =]

a bird designed through Calligraphy of saying "Bismilliah Al Rahman Al Raheem"

a bird designed through Calligraphy of saying “Bismilliah Al Rahman Al Raheem”


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