Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Salam wu alekom, and Hello to this page.

While everyone is celebrating their new year’s eve, many people around the Muslim-world are dying, for no reason. Well not only that, but I am also here at home, not clubbing or watching the celebration. Ok, so I am so sick of being called religious or extreme, and be looked at it that way. But do we Muslims forget our new year too? That when Muharam come around, that this is the new year that Allah swt has blessed us with, and this is the new year where we also set up goals just like we do for the new year’s eve, the Christian’s new year? I mean, really…..

Well I found an article which has an opinion in which I agree with:

an article written why we shouldn’t be celebrating new year’s eve

Also, at my work, I informed at least two people how we Muslims have our new year too, a month known as Muharam. I simply tell them, “just how you have December/Jan where you celebrate new year’s eve, we have Muharam, where we celebrate the new year too.” This is not extreme, but it’s dawah to non-Muslims and informing them about Islam too, that we are currently in year 1435 hijrah. So be proud, and careless about what others think, honestly. Just because the news is going bad against Islam, doesn’t mean Islam is a bad religion.

Last but not least, be unique, be different, and let’s motivate each other to follow the straight path inshaAllah, for the Guidance is from God alone.

Have a lovely night, a normal-night and enjoy the rest of your week.


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