Music, it’s cool, the beats, the lyrics “speak to us”, and it’s so irresistible. Right? Maybe that’s what you are thinking when music topic comes up, maybe not. Maybe music is a way out of stress from this busy life, and there are many reasons you will throw at me. Last but not least, in these days of fast-moving, with music and technology surrounding us, it’s tempting to give into it, even myself.

However, the Remembrance of Allah swt is fast more rewarding than all of these songs. With listening to lyrics that relate to our feelings, we sink to them; we give into them, and want to listen more and more. 

Did you ever notice, with music, it can push us away from Allah swt, from prayers, and reading the Qu’ran? However, with slow steps, giving up music can happen.  Through listening to nasheeds or songs that have the words of Allah swt, the Qu’ran, is so rewarding. I listen over and over, because I am a human being too, and I like music too, and songs too. So I needed alternative to keep me moving through my life. And honestly, I never got sick of them. And what’s even more rewarding? When I went to sleep, my ears and voices inside me, automatically, were just repeating “SobhnaAllah” and “Alhoumdulliah”

Since Ramadan is coming up, I am thinking, let’s inspire each other into working on giving up music. Maybe add in a nasheed once a week, open up the Qu’ran slowly, and inshaAllah, we can walk away from music, and hopefully, forever. Sometimes, I feel it is hard to “quit” music, in situations like weddings. But inshaAllah, we can work on not letting music being our “daily routine.”

I agree, working out without music sounds boring and even hard. But you know what? That’s just an excuse we give in to ourselves, seriously, it is. Funny, once I was running and all of sudden it rained, and my ipod died because it got wet, so I was left without music. Oh no! Well, I was able to run and continue; my run didn’t end. Even at times, I tried to run without music, and it worked out. It is hard, I know. So inshaAllah, through writing this article, I hope I myself apply this rule, to try to run/workout without music, and instead, replace with zikhr (Remeberance of Allah swt).

We are constantly busy these days, so having the remembrance of Allah swt any way is necessary. I am not a scholar so I cannot say what is permissible and what is not, as life is based on personal choices, but inshaAllah, this opens eyes, mind, and inspires someone to work toward on giving up music slowly and forever. You will just not want it or even care about it much, as I allowed myself to be. Sometimes, in my ipod, I go back, here and there, but inshaAllah, I will be stronger day by day to not let it get to me. So can you too.

Some of good nasheeds:


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