How Internet Help me Explore the World: Scholarship Essay

    Internet has helped me explore world in more than one way. Internet is widely used these days among youth and adults for various reasons. As a university student, I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google.

     First of all, I would like to emphasize how twitter has helped me find an internship and from the internship, it made my summer 2014 to be a remarkable summer! Indeed from a retweet, I saw a flyer for an internship position for a nonprofit organization that works globally. I applied and got the position. Part of my internship was to do a fundraiser event for a cause which I chose Orphan Sponsor Program; therefore, I used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other websites to promote the event. Also, for the event, I had to look for a famous speaker to be part of the event. To be honest, social networking websites have helped me connect to new speakers and create new connections. Indeed, internet has really helped me tremendously. Twitter has helped me explore world more because I am able to follow various people from all over the place in the world. I am able to see what others think of current situations, on what’s going on in their area and other interesting things that help me see what’s out there in life.

     Facebook is another social networking that is used online. I use it to connect with family and friends. Also, I used it to share posts on topic that I think are important. I have my own Facebook groups, and I am also part of other groups. In fact, groups are helpful when it comes to discover the world. They gather people with same interest and post information that are helpful. In my opinion, these days, Facebook is used widely to promote events. So when there is a local or national event, they can be found on Facebook. For example, my fundraiser dinner was shared widely on Facebook.

     Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing college books from book store, sometimes it can be burdensome to me because bookstores sell books at a higher price than what a college student can afford. Therefore, sometimes I have to explore other places to find the same book at cheaper website. For example, I use to rent some of my books. At my university, there is a Facebook group page for Biology major and for sell/exchange books. These in my opinion are helpful to explore school and other things.

      Instagram is really helpful when it comes to explore world. I sometimes go to search page to see what others post from all over the world. It is really interesting to see what’s out there. There is one account called “nature” which I follow. They post pictures from photographers who take very professional and nice pictures on nature from all over the places. This in my opinion is really nice when it comes to explore world. There are some things that I never know but in fact exist in nature or in life.

     Moreover, I use famous video website which posts videos on various categories. When it comes to school, I search topics from my classes to help me understand the material that is covered in class. For example, for my Immunology class I would search topics that we are studying. I find videos that are from other professors or universities and so forth. This is helpful not only in learning, but also to see how someone from another country is able to teach same subject in a different way. Youtube helps me to search for news, for comedy, music, and much more. This is a fun way to explore the world.

     Last but not least, Google, a famous search engine is used widely. I can type anything in search box, and it will give me many resources. It’s interesting how I learned about a community in another state indirectly. I was once searching for certain topic for my internship essay, and I found a community in another state which was random. I clicked on the link, and from there, I was able to learn about another community and find another speaker.


My Experience as an Intern for Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Experience as an Intern for Helping Hand

            All praises to Allah swt, who bless us every day and sustain our needs. As an intern with Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) this summer 2014, I have learned a lot about non-profit organizations, about myself, and about communities. In my opinion, it is very important to be part of non-profit organization at least once in our life time as well as explore communities we live in. As an intern with Helping Hand, I have got the chance to live the legacy of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.


        Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) has various programs they work toward such as Orphan Sponsor, Water for Life and much more. As an intern, I really wanted to work toward helping orphans so Orphan Sponsor Program (OSP) was perfect fit for me. Part of my internship, I had to organize an event to raise funds and awareness toward the program. It was quiet a great experience, Alhomdulliah. I ended up working with another intern for the event which took place on July 19th and it was a charity auction and fundraiser dinner. The event was called “A Call for Guardians.”

This the flyer the intern and I had to work on for our event. We used it to market our event.

This the flyer the intern and I had to work on for our event. We used it to market our event.

           Being an intern for HHRD has helped me get closer to my deen. There are more than one region in the country, such as in CA, TX, NJ, and much more. Therefore, we would have a national weekly conference as well as a regional meeting. During each conference and meeting, we would have at least five minute “Tazkiyaah” lectures which were targeted to share short hadith, stories that help us remember Allah swt, our purpose of this life, and why we are doing good work. Each short-lecture would tie back to Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W and to please Allah swt. I truly loved this part.

         Also, from my internship, I met president of ICNA Naeem Baig, and I was able to network with other professionals. ICNA is the mother of Helping Hand, so ICNA helps out Helping Hand in time of needs and so does Helping Hand. I liked this aspect.  This is only one example that I was able to benefit from being an intern with HHRD. This life is not only about improving our resume or our networking; this life is to improve our relationship with Allah swt through the means we attain in this world. All the work that I worked for Helping Hand has truly helped me connect to Allah swt even more. This in my opinion is the most valuable gift of all time.

Receiving my certificate from ICNA's President

            Last but not least, I have been treated from all officers and interns from Helping Hand with full respect. This is very important in the work-life. Alhomdulliah, everyone was friendly and would take their time to listen to me and assist me with my questions and concerns.

          At my event, I had two girls come up to me saying “This is amazing! We want to be involved with HHRD.” I told them about volunteering opportunities which can be found on website:, as well as the Youth Involvement Program, which are the internship opportunities. I would like to emphasize that HHRD offers internship in Spring for their Haiti Program, and they have internship applications for Summer which what I did.

I was speaking about the program in details to audience. It was my duty to make the powerpoint and explain the program.

I was speaking about the program in details to audience. It was my duty to make the powerpoint and explain the program.

        Furthermore, I am a strong believer that my generation is the future generation of Islam, and so it is my duty to represent Islam and work for it in the best manner. And Helping Hand has set the foundations for me to be this person and has uplifted my spirits into getting back on track with my life, my deen, and my relationship with society.

I would like to conclude with few reminders and statements. There is famous quote that Helping Hand is using on the back t-shirt they are selling for Gaza for their Palestine Relief Program: “Be the Change that You Wish to see in the World.” I highly encourage the youth to reconsider their youth time and get involved with at least one nonprofit organization to gain on-hands experience. Volunteering one’s time for a cause is never a waste.

This is the back t-shirt from HHRD for their Palestine Relief Program  "Be the Change that You Wish to see in World"

This is the back t-shirt from HHRD for their Palestine Relief Program
“Be the Change that You Wish to see in World”