Love, Hope, Jannah!

We can not understand each other until we allow love to enter our hearts and our life. We can not be one unit if we live our lives upon hate and anger. Let go of grudges and forgive each other. Remember the beauty of love. And no, love does not have to be limited to “romantic” love. It has an endless meaning but in the end it’s about peace and understanding each other.

Look beyond color, race, status, etc.

Look beyond color, race, status, etc.

You are the light of hope. God gave you a life, and it is a beautiful gift. Do not be depressed over your situation despite its difficulty or easiness. Have hope in Allah and be the hope to others. Once you have hope and you share it with those around you and around the world, the hope shall come back to you in full circle.


Live in a society in a way to remember that this world is not the final destination. TheĀ final home is in Akhira (the hereafter); therefore let’s support each other towards building a house in Jannah.

Help each other to reach it not away from it

Help each other to reach it not away from it

Be a support system, one body, as Prophet Mohammad S.A.W has taught us to be, one ummah.


Know Thyself

By Ola Alghazzouli

I am from

Damascus, Syria and Virginia

I am an American Syrian

My faith is

Islam and in


Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him


And all prophets peace be upon them all

I am an only child with many sisters and brothers

I am bilingual

Arabic is my first language

English is my second

My new passion is into fitness and Islam

My new goal in life is to promote my fitness pages with a positive message


Most of my family is overseas where some are in





Saudi Arabia

My parents are everything to me

My hobbies are various including




Seeking knowledge

Wearing headscarf is my choice

Know Thyself