Akhira or Dunya The new Logo for Trick or Treat

Every year we come to celebrate Halloween for the sake of joy, candy, custom (role) play, and much more. Although it all seems okay and the social norm, it is not. As a Muslim, I must remind myself first foremost and my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters that this one night is not okay for us to take part of. We have allowed Shytaan take over our imaan (faith in Allah) by making up with all these excuses from “it’s not haram” to “I’m just having a fun night” to “well my intention is not to do anything wrong,” and the list can go on.  When we are taking part of the parties, custom role play and so forth, we are saying, “it’s okay for us as Muslims to join the soceity and have fun even if we are not drinking alcohol and doing anything ‘wrong'”. But this is not okay. Remember, I did not say, “it’s is not haram.”Every time I am driving by a house and see the decorations of dead skeletons, RIP banner and so forth, I remember the true reality of our life. I remember how it is easy for Allah SWT to put our bones back together as we shall be resurrected and asked how we have lived our life. Also, I remember Surah Al Takathur.

Also remember this hadith of our Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him, “you must keep my sunnah & the sunnah of rightly guided caliphs; cling to it firmly. Beware of newly invited matters, for every new matter is an innovation, and every innovation is misleading.” [Bukhari]

Surah Al Takathur

So think about the graveyard as you see them as decorations or as you see them in reality.

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