to pluck or not to pluck [The Eyebrows] Alqamah related that ‘Abdullah said, “Allah curses women who tattoo and are tattooed, women who pluck their eyebrows, and women who file their teeth to make gaps for beauty, altering Allah’s creation! Why should I not curse those whom the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, cursed when that is […]

The Injustice of the Arab World

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You know, the recent New Year’s Eve, that big party and craziness in Duabi? While they were celebrating, people in Syria were dying. How injustice of the Arab leaders to be spending a lot of money while their neighbor countries dying out of hunger and cold? So I don’t mean to crash your enthusiasm of […]

Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Salam wu alekom, and Hello to this page. While everyone is celebrating their new year’s eve, many people around the Muslim-world are dying, for no reason. Well not only that, but I am also here at home, not clubbing or watching the celebration. Ok, so I am so sick of being called religious or extreme, […]

Sincerity and Intention

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Fiqh of Sincerity: باب في اخلاص في نية “I struggled with nothing as difficult and demanding as my intention” (sayings from one of the righteous people) What is Intention? –Vessel in which sincerity lies -a thing intended; an aim or plan. What is Sincerity?                –defined in different ways […]